Will I need to sign a contract?

You won’t need to sign a contract if you’re signing up for a one-time package or a la carte service.

If you’re signing up for one of the Full Service Management packages, then you would need to sign a 3-month contract. This includes a 30-day cancellation policy.

Pinterest is a long-term investment which your business will benefit from in the future. I advise my clients to budget for 6 months of committment with me. A year is even better, as it can take that long sometimes to see consistent increased growth. 


Will you guarantee my results?

Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee results from Pinterest. I would run far away from anyone who promises to deliver a certain amount of traffic, clicks or sales from Pinterest. 

It’s a search engine, and like others it’s algorithims often change. I stay informed on this to the best of ability.

I do firmly believe, however, that with time and by following the correct steps you CAN grow your business with Pinterest.

How will I know that my information is kept confidential?

Confidentiality is absolutely necessary for BOTH of us. 

If you prefer to keep your log in information private, there are apps that we can use to accomplish this.

All of your confidential materials will be handled with the utmost care. 

Once our working relationship is over, any sensitive information that you’ve shared with me will be disposed of securely.

Can you still work with me if I live outside the US?

Absolutely! I’ve had clients from several other countries. This is a virtual business so I can provide services to you anywhere.

Are there any other costs associated with your service?

There might be. If you’re purchasing a Growth or Maintenance package, you will need to have a paid Tailwind account.

If I’m designing pins for you, we’ll need photos. If you have your own photos, I will use those. If you don’t have photos, I’ll need to purchase them from stock photo websites. This will add a $2 charge/pin.

When can we get started?

Whenever you’re ready! We can start with a free discovery call, or you can contact me via the Contact Form on this website.

I look forward to working with you!